Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Screenshots of games 10-13 from my Top 100 Computer Games of All Time...

Well, I'm lying a little here... I've been unable to find any screenshots for the C16 version of Kickstart. A great game based on the popular TV series where people hurtled around obstacle courses on motorbikes... Please leave a comment if you know where I can grab a screenshot from!!

This screenshot needs no introduction... Asteroids is about as famous as you can get (and despite many, many, many remakes and updates, nothing plays quite so well as the original Atari version!)

Taipan by Ocean Software is a game I have many fond memories of - the Speccy version took a full 5-minutes to load but it was worth it. Unfortunately the screenshots can't really give any indication of what a great game it was (despite the best efforts of colour clash!!)

Head over Heels by Jon Ritman (coding) and Bernie Drummond (graphics) remains the definitive isometric game from the 8-bit / 16-bit era (though fans of Batman by the same team might disagree). The screenshots below are from the Speccy version, though I did also have the game on the Atari ST and a couple of very good PC remakes.

Well there you have it - 13 games from my Top 100 Computer / Video Games of All Time listed and screenshotted (?), 87 to go. This could take some time (and server space!)...

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Rajeshree said...

If you are a computer game enthusiast then you would surely not like to be left behind in getting a taste of the best. There are so many computer games which are being produced that it is almost impossible for you to keep count of them. You will even possibly be unable to keep track of the best games there are that might suit your tastes.

CaptainD said...

That's certainly true... you could spend your entire life playing computer games and still not scratch the surface!! Still, my Top 100 represents my best gaming memories over the years - there will be many more to come, of course... :-D

Thanks for the comment,


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