Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Star Trek: Legacy Review

Taking a short break from my trip down memory lane and retro gaming memories, I've found time to review Star Trek: Legacy. It's not really a bad game but you will have to not only be a Trekkie but also have a pretty good PC gaming system to be able to enjoy this game. My graphics card isn't up to the job (would probably be fine if you could turn the antialiasing off... but you can't) and I got bored of it quite quickly, despite the storyline being pretty good and the sound quality excellent.

Oh well... another mediocre gaming experience, another reminder that I should get a new graphics card...

Take a look at these screenshots though - should look fantastic on a high-end system!!

Developed by Bethesda Softworks
CaptainD - PC Gaming Blog

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gnome said...

Aha! A soulmate blog indeed! Fantastic, very retro, very PC and very loveable too! Keep it up Captain.

CaptainD said...

Who doesn't love retro?!?! Well... young people I guess. Still, when they're old enough they'll love the new stuff of today, which by then will be retro!


Shazbot said...

Hmm your screenshots look good enough for me; it doesn't look as if it's on a budget gaming PC. You can't turn the aliasing off for this game? Whoa! Try tinkering with AA settings in Nvidia control panel > 3d Settings; see it is solves the problem.

Retro is awesome! I used to play a Game Boy STrek game. Birds of Prey are tough 'uns. :D

New video card? I've got an article about Budget Gaming PC components. Just click on my name if you are interested.

CaptainD said...

Shazbot - thanks for the suggestions, I'll try playing around with the Nvid control panel (had wondered about that but hadn't got round to it yet). I can beat your retro Star Trek memory (I think!) - I remember playing a text-only public doman game on the ST possibly before the Game Boy was even available! Well, I did say possibly... too long ago to remember now...

Will check out your site, thanks!


Shazbot said...

It's "Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Settings > Antialiasing - Settings." I dunno about forcing AA off though -- I normally go the other way around when a game has no AA settings to tweak ingame.

Whoa! Text-only STrek? Cool! Speaking of text-based games I'm setting my sites on Ironrealms' offerings of MUDs though I don't think my job will allow me to play. :(

Hey, care to exchange links? I'm Shazbot in Blog Catalog. Message me if you are interested. Your blog is very interesting! :D

CaptainD said...

Will try that on the nVidia settings, to be honest I'm usually lazy and do any tweaking in-game!! As for the link... done!!



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