Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bandits at 3 O'Clock Remake by Retrorookies

This is a remake of an old Acorn Electron / BBC Micro game, It's a simple one or two-player dogfighting game where your only controls are up and down, shoot or drop bomb. It has a few problems - sometimes you nosedive for no apparent reason (though this could just be me!), the keys aren't always responsive enough and one of the sound effects reverberates horribly - but it's still quite a fun game, especially in two-player mode. Quite tricky to master, too.

From the RetroRemakes 2008 Competition Showcase.

Download link for Bandits at 3 O'Clock

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Anonymous said...

The nosedive seems to be to stop you from flying too high. Otherwise you would go off the screen.

CaptainD said...

You could well be right. I got the hang of it a bit more after I'd posted this!



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