Monday, 15 December 2008

It's That Time Again... The RetroRemakes 2008 Competition Entries

There are always some good games to be found in the entries of the RetroRemakes competition... from first look (not having played any yet) there are a few tasty-looking offerings... Kick Off... Lords of Conquest... SabreWulf... even SEUCK (it was a bit of a shock when I remembered what it stood for - Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit!). Let's hope they play as well as they sound...

Click here for the first page of entries to the 2008 RetroRemakes Competition

If anyone plays some of these games please leave a comment to let others know how good (or not) they are!

Click here to see all posts related to the RetroRemakes Competition 2008 - I'm posting a mini-review of each game as I go along, and plan to have all of them done before the end of December.

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