Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sports Daze by Richj

Now this game is great fun - combining the essential elements of the old Epyx joystick-busting multi-event sports games with the mischeivous behaviour of School Daze. With only four events - 100m dash, tennis ball throwing, 400m swimming and balloon popping (with a catapult - what else?!) it's longevitiy is questionable, but each event is fun and challenging. If a few more events were added and multiplayer mode were added, this would be a fantastic game.

This is, of course, another entry to the RetroRemakes 2008 Competition Showcase

Download link for Sports Daze

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Anonymous said...

I thought this game was excellent. I agree on the point of there only being 4 events, but we have to bear in mind that its a free game.
The programmer has done a great job, personally i think this should be near the top of the competition. It brought back memory of my old speccy.

CaptainD said...

Ah yes, memories of the dear old Speccy burn bright to this day. I really enjoyed this game, though it is threatening to bust my keyboard!

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