Friday, 30 January 2009

nVidia Driver Widget - are your nVidia graphics drivers up to date?

Okay let's try this again... I put it on before and it worked, then it didn't - couldn't work out any reason why. Anyway, if it works, you'll see the nVidia Driver Widget underneath this text, and it'll be obvious what to do. I tried it for updating my GeForce 9xxx series card and it worked fine.

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jezecek said...

Can't see much use in widget for downloading drivers to be put on blogs. When people browse to your blog and start reading, the last thing they want is to be disturbed by reinstalling video card drivers. But it might serve as a nice reminder, I mean like "hey i haven't checked for new drivers for ages, let's see if they have some".

CaptainD said...

I see your point - anyway if all it does is remind people to check their drivers are up to date, then I guess it's useful!

I used the widget myself and it worked fine and it's nVidia's own software, so I'm happy to have it here just in case anyone decides to use it.

Thanks for the comment!

Shazbot said...

Being a graphic driver nut myself, I agree with Jezecek. Still other people might find the thing useful so ya, it still should stay up. Anyway, I made an article on how to "Change Graphic Drivers for PCI and AGP Graphics Cards." Check it out if you're interested; just click on my name.

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