Thursday, 5 March 2009

New Poll - Do You Want The Blog Design To Change?

I'm thinking of changing to a new layout - probably something along the lines of the one I'm using for my WII Games Review Blog - though I'll keep the colour scheme as it is now, I think.

There are several benefits to having a wider design, including being able to put larger graphics in posts, not using as much vertical space for text posts, and also it would give me room to do something I've been thinking about for this blog, which is to include a flash arcade.

What do you think though? Leave it the same or make the change? Vote on the right, comment underneath!!

CaptainD - PC Gaming Blog


Dualnames said...

Good to know you've noticed the layout (not the content, the content of the blog is just perfect and enjoyable) your blog is rather simple and dull. Ok, who am I to judge of course, but I think a change to something better is for the best and you and your blog will profit from it. Something close to a spectrum design or something remniscent of the past home computers like c64 amiga would fit you just right. Cheers.

CaptainD said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope it's more interesting now, though I've not tried to emulate a retro look as such - anyway the ST's GEM and Amiga's Workbench both looked awful! :D

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