Sunday, 1 March 2009

SpaceQuest IV.5 - Roger Wilco and the Voyage Home

It took me a little while to get used to this and start making any progress, but I'm sure glad I made the effort. Nice retro graphics (well, most of them are probably ripped from the original SpaceQuest IV, but I'm not complaining, they look good and there's some very nice animation), the soundtrack's great, good dialogue, good (and so far not too difficult!) puzzles, quite a lot of humour.

Yup.. this one is definitely worth downloading. I don't remember the original SpaceQuest IV much myself, but I think that fans of that game will enjoy this one even more than the average adventure gamer.

I took this screenshot from one of the first locations - it gives you a good idea of the graphical style of the game. In-game it looks more impressive with animations and colour-cycles of course!
This is definitely a game I'll be playing till I complete it. Where to download?


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