Friday, 15 May 2009

Further Thoughts on Battle For Middle Earth

This is a good RTS, and maybe it gets more complex later in the game, but at the moment it's a little too over-simplified for my taste. There's only one type of resource and the maps seem a little small; however the gameplay is good and the way it links into the plot of the film without feeling too restrictive is very nicely done.

Not quite sure if this is a great game, but definitely a good one. Will post again when I've completed the Good campaign, I'll know how much more involved it gets later in the game. Right now I'm at Helm's Deep, so basically one third through the campaign.

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Abas said...

Interesting gaming blog you have here. I'm into games myself but what I'm really waiting for is the OnLive gaming to get global. Could be a long wait though but, its ok. Anyway, I'm too busy to play games. That's why I'm here, so I can read your experience playing them. :-)

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I just updated them with new content.

Hopefully, I can see you there as much as you will see me here more often. :-)

Wishing you a happy day,


CaptainD said...

Hi Abas

You've kind of made me feel guilty for not using my time more wisely but at the same time useful for helping you to keep the gamer inside you happy!

For now I'll just tell you... defending Helm's Deep was pretty traumatic!


tv antenna said...

I love LotR, and I love RTS games, so this might be the perfect marriage of a game for me.

While we're on the topic of LotR, have you tried Conquest yet? Game play is like Star Wars Battlefront, and the online play is pretty fun, too... except for the annoying announcer-like guy who narrates.

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