Saturday, 5 September 2009

CPU Review - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6660 (Socket 775)

In the world of IT, we do not get out very often so our biggest thrills surround the arrival of new hardware. Recently, a new desktop computer from Dell arrived and inside it was the Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.4Ghz processor. The need to benchmark the daylights out of this processor was too much to handle and we had it crunching in less than two hours after arrival!

How did the processor perform?
Under a heavy load that was created by running all three benchmarks simultaneously and browsing the internet, the processor only reached a peak temperature of 60 degrees Centigrade. At idle, with no applications open, while running Windows XP Professional SP2, the processor had a low temperature of 47 degrees Centigrade. Impressive considering that the system had four Core 2 processors in a 65nm package, just waiting to spring to life!

I think the quad cores in this processor tend to mislead the computing speed freaks by making them think that "more processors must mean more power". The truth is quite different though. When you compare these results to the speed numbers put up by an Intel E8600 running at 3.33 Ghz we see that clock frequency is still king. Yet, if you are looking for a solid business computer this processor will do the trick. You can save about $100 if you purchase this processor used on Ebay. Just watch those steppings carefully!

See the full review by our guest blogger rgarthright for more information, specs and benchmarking results.

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