Saturday, 21 November 2009

Awesome Soccer by Red27 Studios

I'll be able to give you a full review soon(ish), but in the meantime all you footie fans might want to know about an Indie game called Awesome Soccer. Costing just $9.95 at the moment (introductory price, not sure when it will revert to the normal price of $14.95), this looks like a bit of a throwback to the some of the great football games of the past - hopefully more Kick Off or Sensible Soccer than Peter Beardsley's International Football or Gary Lineker's Soccer Skills though! :-D

About the Game

Awesome Soccer takes it's inspiration from the genre defining soccer games of the last decade, blasting them into the 21st Century with the graphical realism, features and polish that today's modern gamer demands and expects.

Teaser Trailer:

For more details visit

First impression, review and interview with the game's author coming soon - stay tuned!

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