Monday, 30 November 2009

Online Game Review - The West

The West is a slightly different MMORPG that's based in, of course, the Wild West and puts you in the role of a cowboy. After a short tutorial you start the game proper, which is a little boring at first to be honest - much of it consists of merely finding jobs you can do, accepting them for a set time period, and once that time period's over seeing how much money and experience you got. As you level up you allocate attribute and skill points, and can take on more jobs.

After a while though things get more interesting - you can begin to accept more challenging quests, join a town and help to build it, and at Level 10 choose a character type. While things are a little slow on the whole the town-building community aspect of the game is nicely implemented, and there's plenty to do once your character is capable of it. Duelling, horse-riding and more will open up to you after a while.

As with most games of this type, the game is free to play with helpful extra abilities should you decide to part with some hard-earned money. It's not exactly an enthralling game but it does offer some undemanding fun, and after a few weeks I'm still playing it - the game makes very few demands on your time so it's perfect for those who like their online gaming in snippets.

Rating: 7/10

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