Monday, 30 November 2009

PC Game Review - New Star Soccer 2010

If you want more basic information on the gameplay etc, please see my review of this game's predecessor, New Star Soccer 4. This review focuses mainly on the updates from that version.

Simon Read of New Star Software has already taken us into the world of being a professional footballer 4 times before this, with two text-based games and two graphical games. New Star Soccer 4 was a phenomenally addictive and detailed game which was very challenging but also very rewarding. NSS2010 follows this same pattern - if you want to be a fantastic player straight away, forget it (well for most people this will be the case anyway) - but if you want a game that will continue to challenge you for weeks, months and quite possibly years to come, New Star Soccer 2010 is it.

The major enhancements over NSS4 are:

  • Quicker team / fixture / result generation - the waits could be a bit of a killer before, they're now much shorter.
  • The match engine has been improved, it's much less predictable and thus more realistic now (which can make the game more challenging than NSS4), and there is an extra view option which enables you to see much more of the pitch than previously.
  • A few major bugs from before like international team selection and interacting with your children
  • The teams are much more dynamic - I even managed to win the league with Liverpool and the FA Cup with Reading! I don't think either of those would have ever happened in NSS4, where winning anything at all seemed virtually impossible if you weren't at a Big 4 club [and frankly, Liverpool were never going to win the league... much like real life then really1! :-( ]
  • On-line rankings
There are a few other tweaks and updates, but those were the ones that stood out to me. Otherwise it's much the same game as before - very challenging, extremely addictive, but the steep learning curve and long period before you can get some of your stats up to a useful level will still make it somewhat inaccessible to some game players.

Overall, thoroughly recommended to all footie fans!

Rating: 8/10

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