Saturday, 9 January 2010

First Thoughts - "Chains" by Ivan Itraykov

Just when you thought that absolutely everything that could possibly be done with "join up the same colour balls" idea had already been done (which, believe me, it what I'd thought), along comes an email from an Indie game author asking me to review his game. It's another "link up the same colour balls" game, and I wasn't really thinking it would be anything special. Boy was I wrong...

Chains is based on the simple idea of making chains (you'd never have guessed, would you?) of balls of the same colour. The slight twist on this is that for each level (there are 20, 5 of which appear in the demo version) you have to achieve a specific goal - in some it's about making a chain of a certain length, not losing them down a chasm that opens up if the weight of the balls becomes too high, etc. Nice idea but nothing special.

However, what is special about this game is that the coloured balls you have to try to link up are dynamically moving - on a sometimes dynamically moving background! You can click on the balls to make chains while they're moving. The best thing about this game - considering that I usually find they get very samey after a while - is that each level plays in a completely different way - some require quick thinking, others clever strategy, some just need downright quick reflexes.

Hopefully I'll get a full review done in the next few days, but in the meantime... looking very good indeed. It's the first commercial game ($6.25) made with the "2D Engine" package - that's something that aspiring game programmers might want to look into.

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