Saturday, 30 January 2010

First Thoughts - DragonShard

This official AD&D game by Atari looks pretty good so far - with the ridiculous characters, generic plot and dippy dialogue I can't possibly take it seriously, but it plays pretty well for all that. It's a mixture of RTS overground and RPG underground, though from my quick look at the game so far there seem to be few differences in the actual game mechanics between the different styles.

One thing worth mentioning - it seems to be impossible to download the latest patch from the official website, either through the game or directly using a web browser. The patch that comes on the disc of the Sold Out re-release is the latest one, but won't install unless you run it as an Administrator. Once I did that it all worked fine, but no other method worked.

More on this game soon... it looks fun but has some features which have irked me already (such as the characters constantly talking - every single time you click on them! Gah...).

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