Friday, 29 January 2010

More thoughts on New Star Tennis

Just in case anyone's played this and found the controls a bit too frustrating, can I encourage you to persevere - seriously, the match engine is extremely good, but it takes quite a while to become comfortable enough with the interface to fully appreciate that. Neither is the game too difficult, as may seem the case initially - if I can reach #2 in the world rankings with several tournaments and a Grand Slam to my name before my second season's up, it can't be that difficult! Still, that is in Easy mode...

For more information, check out my review of New Star Tennis.

Incidentally, congratulations to Andy Murray for reaching the Australian Open Final (in real life, that is... I beat him in the semis on the way to winning the French Open in NST! :-D)

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2 comments: said...

Version 1.03b is now available. Big improvements have been made to the control scheme. :)

Si Read

CaptainD said...

Downloading now!

As World No.1 after winning Wimbledon as well, I feel I should. :-D

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