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PC Game Review - Star Trek: Legacy

This game puts you in control of the Enterprise - well, not just one of model, but taking command of the vessels of five different captains across time and space - Archer, Kirk, Picard, Janeaway and Sisko (all voiced by the actors who played the roles in the TV series). Each era has you pitted against a different enemy - Romulans for Archer, the Klingons for Kirk, Borg for Picard - and there are a vast array of ships available across the different time periods. The overall plot involes a Vulcan called T'Uerell, and the origin of the Borg. (Purists will notice several disparities between the events in this game and the chronology of the series / films, but the overall storyline is strong enough to overcome this for all but the most anal retentive).

Basically Star Trek: Legacy has you controlling up to four ships in various scenarios, all of which advance the plot - some in more obvious ways than others. The atmosphere the game creates is very good (well, if you're a Trekkie it is), and having the authentic captains' voices adds to the game. As mentioned the plot is very good, and the visuals are fantastic - do make sure you have a decent graphics card though as the specs are pretty high. (In particular you can't turn off anti-aliasing, which means that all - or almost all - factory runs of GPUs designed for base models will probably fail to cope - a good, dedicated GPU is definitely needed here.) The music too is geat and adds considerably to the mood of the game.

The various missions have a reasonable amount of variety to them, and some of the space battles can feel quite intense. The game's big problems come in the form of an often frustrating interface and missions ranging from the ridiculously easy to the frustratingly difficult - with no option to save the game at any point, so if you keep dying ten minutes into a mission, guess what? You have to play that first ten minutes all over again. Every time you complete a mission you have the option to save your Campaign though. Sometimes the difficulty lies in either difficulties with getting the interface to work properly or an apparent bug in the game (of which there are a large number according to some sources - the most recent patch helps a bit, but not enough. In terms of the interface problems, in particular the view changes of its own volition and moving around the map screen is preposterously cumbersome.

There is also a Skirmish mode, which lets you create custom battles in different star systems and blast those Romulans / Klingons / Borg (or play as them and whack the Federation if you want), and a multiplayer mode which is basically the Skirmish mode but with other humans. I didn't spend much time in Skirmish mode, but it seemed pretty fun.

Overall Star Trek Legacy is a great game trying to get out - if the interface worked better and it was less glitchy, this could be a classic space game. As it is, the good points of the game still make it worth playing - at least if you like Star Trek. I think a rating of 7/10 is probably fair; if you don't like Star trek though, you should probably view that as 5/10.

Star Trek: Legacy System Specs:

Windows XP - SP2 - [worked fine on Vista 64-bit]
DirectX 9.0C
Intel Pentium 4 (2.66GHz or higher) or AMD XP 2800+ or higher
DX9 compatible AGP 8x or PCI Express video card, Pixel Shader 1.4
16-bit Direct Sound compatible sound card
5 GB free hard drive space

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