Friday, 22 January 2010

Update regarding my Evony Review

Regarding my review of the online-game Evony, I just wanted to make a couple of points clear:

  • My review is an honest opinion of the game when I played it some time back. I cannot comment on what changes may have come up since then.
  • Someone suggested that I only posted a positive review to try to win a prize on Evony. This is nonsense as I have more integrity than that and at any rate I posted the review months before the contest they referred to (and stopped playing the game long before then).
  • There are verifiable and suggested problems with the game; I have never tried to deny this, and I would suggest that anyone concerned about it do their own research on the subject. I am not however going to simply believe everything anyone has every said about Evony (or any other game for that matter) without seeing definite proof of such claims.

In relation to the last point, however, it's worth me reproducing an email that was sent to me recently (with the permission of the email's author - who wishes to remain anonymous), highlighting some concerns about the game. The comments seem reasonable and unlike some people's, are not presented in a deliberately sensationalist manner. Those considering playing Evony who may have only seen the adverts but not any opinion of the game may be interested in what this player has to say:

I just read your game review for Evony. You may want to go back and re-address your review; I have been playing for about 5 months. Some major problems are starting to creep into the game. So far from what we have seen the Evony support team has not stepped up to address the problems. One issue is that people are seeing items disappear from there inventor. In most cases these are items that they been have purchased with real money. Also god-like characters are appearing in the game. The only way for this to occur would be by way of hack or cheats; these problems have also been reported to the support staff and again no actions have been taken to address the problem. It could be that the game either has no support staff, or the staff is too small to keep up with the problem. Either way it is creating a game environment that could become unplayable if it is not addressed.

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EEbEE said...

so did you win the Evony prize? ;)

CaptainD said...

Hey, less of the cheek, you!

Anyway, where's this game review you promised me? (Well, sort of hinted at rather than promised...)

EEbEE said...

Ahh yes. About that. it's coming.

I was leaning towards reviewing Cossacks 2. do i have a thumbs up from you?

CaptainD said...

Yeah that'd be great - not sure why you'd think it's not the sort of thing I cover though?!

I'll race you - I'm currently playing American Conqeust: Three Centuries of War so that I can review it. Those games look rather similar in concept, I wonder which is better?

Email me when you're ready! :-D

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