Sunday, 21 February 2010

Calling Indie Game Publishers!

Having started up my new site Indie Game News and got the layout more or less how I want it (though there's more tweaking to be done over time I'm sure!), I really need a few more indie game publishers on board.  The idea is for those making indie games to themselves write the news, updates, behind the scenes info or anything else they think indie game players might be interested in, and of course get their own games some extra free publicity in the process.  Already I'm getting a reasonable number of visitors to the site without having done much in terms of advertising it - basically I'm planning to officially "launch" the site on 1st March 2010.

So, if you're an indie game publisher / developer and would like to be given author access for the site, please email me.  To find out more about what the aim of the site is, click here.

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