Thursday, 11 March 2010

Slightly off-topic... Cut Fuel Costs!

... but I'd agreed to blog about fuel costs, so here it is.

Fuel costs too much (especially in the UK!).

This does, of course have a direct bearing on PC games. Er... well, you see, the more money you have to spend on petrol, the less money you have left to buy PC games. You see, it makes perfect sense!

Tyre manufacturers Michellin are trying to raise awareness on this subject via several means, including the video below:

They also have a question and answer game on their website here (trust me... you'll probably be surprised by some of the facts about fuel consumption... at least, I was), and a personal calculator to see how much you could potentially save in fuel costs.  The crux of the campaign is the website, which shows how Michellin tyres (their "Green X" range) can help to reduce fuel costs, as well as other tips for reducing the amount you end up having to spend on petrol.

Anything that's supposed to be not only save money but also be good for the environment has to be worth investigating, so knock yourself out and have a look at the Michelin "Join the Fight" Website!

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