Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Eternally Us - Mini-Review

This MAGS entry is a short game based on a friendship cut short by tragic terminal illness.  Amber, the game's protagonist, is an appealing enough character and very well voiced.  The voice-acting is great throughout actually, and along with some nice music, moody graphics with good animation and great graphical effects (the snowfall and autmun leaves were very impressive) helped to create an excellent atmosphere.

Unfortunately the gameplay itself only comes in short snippets, and while it will probably take you about half an hour to complete Eternally Us, I'd guess at only around five to ten minutes' worth of actual gameplay.  Some of the dialogue was interesting, though I did find one scene slightly annoying - the lack of any kind of humour in the game made it less appealing to me, and also made me a bit less tolerant of repeated dialogue.  There are few puzzles, mostly very easy, one or two will pose a problem for maybe a minute or two.

Eternally Us is an impressive production, but perhaps would have worked better as a short animated movie rather than a game, since there isn't much actual gameplay in it.  It looks and sounds beautiful and is well coded, but the limited player input and serious tone aren't really my sort of thing. (the metaphysical tone of the plot was interesting and well developed, I would just have preferred the odd lighter moment to offset the pervading gloomy nature a bit).  Don't let me put you off too much though, download it and see what you think.

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