Sunday, 25 July 2010

Indie Game Review - Word Pirate

Word Pirate takes two genres you'd probably never have thought of blending together - pirate RPG and word puzzle game - and the result is a highly enjoyable game, though it probably won't appeal to those who don't alreayd like word puzzle games much.

The game is story-based, with vasiour missions / actions that you can take along the way. Graphically the game is nice enough and the music is also good - as with all of Moonpod's games, it's got good production values. As you roam the high seas, your naval battles are effectively races to make as many words as you can from a letter grid, with certain special features that you can use along the way. As you level up, your abilities can be upgraded, and these have a bearing on how much damage each "shot" (word) does, extra features you can take advantage of, etc.

The storyline bounces along nicely (you play a pirate daughter intent on to restore your father's good name) and there's a good degree of flexibility in terms of what you can do - certain challenges can be taken to gain XP but aren't strictly necessary to advance the story. The narrative is is quite interesting and develops logcially.

All in all Word Pirate is a simple but enjoyable game. It's attempt to blend two seemingly incompatible genres is successful, but I don't think it'll win any new converts to the word puzzle genre - still, since I tend to like those anyway (blame a childhood of watching Countdown and Catchword!), I found it a good time-waster and the storyline / RPG element made it a good deal more interesting to keep playing than a lot of similar games.  I rate it a very creditable 7/10.

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Mira said...

This looks like something my nephew would like. ^_^ Anything piratey is a winner.

Can you type the letters? Or is clicking your only option?

CaptainD said...

Unless there's a feature I've very cleverly managed to miss, I'm afraid it's mouse only.

Mira said...

Darn. They missed a great opportunity to improve typing skills. :(

CaptainD said...

Heh... sounds like you need this game:

Anonymous said...

This is something so interesting and very enjoyable to play. Hopefully, they can improve this.

CaptainD said...

It's a nice game as it is, I'm not sure if Mark's planning on major updates - at the moment he's working on his new game so that'll be taking up all his time!

Ruby said...

It's a very cool game. I have to try this game soon.

Ruby said...
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Ruby said...

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