Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Silver Lining Episode 1 - "What Is Decreed Must Be."

The Silver Lining is a project to bring back to eternally popular King's Quest series back to our computer screen.  This first episode is quite short and more like a trailer for the series than a game - while it does have a few gameplay elements, it's more about showcasing the graphics engine, music and voice cast, and setting up the plot.

For all you King's Quest and adventure game fans out there, all you really need to know is:

  • The graphics are very good, bringing King's Quest into the 3D world while somehow keeping the essential atmosphere of the original games.  Some of the animation is quite jerky but otherwise it's very impressive visually.
  • The music is very good, voice-acting too is good quality.  I'm not entirely convinced that having descriptions narrated instead of shown as text is a great idea, but both the characters' dialogue and cheesy jokes in the narration are done in true King's Quest style.
  • The puzzle element is not really something I can comment on yet, as the game make-up is 80% story, 15% exploration and only 5% puzzle.  I'm sure the puzzles in episode 2 will be good though - everything else has been captured well, so I see no reason why the puzzles wouldn't be.
  • The storyline is very appropriate, with poor old Roger of Daventry on a quest to get rid of yet another curse on his family!
So overall, while this first episode isn't much of a game, it gives a tantalising taste of what lays ahead.  TSL absolutely nails the atmosphere beloved by so many adventure gamers, I really look forward to the second episode.  It looks like Phoenix Online Studios may well be able to do for King's Quest with this series what TellTale Games did with Tales of Monkey Island.

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