Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ten Top Games for Under A Fiver Each

Heroes of Might and Magic V - a truly epic turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world. Challenging and engrossing.  Get your army of elves or orcs ready, and off you go!
To me, Civilisation 3 is one of the ultimate turn-based strategy games of all time. Sid Meiers is one of my all-time favourite game designers, which is why not just one, not even two but three of these ten superb games I've chosen for this post were designed by him.
If you like graphical adventure games, they don't come a lot better than the first two Broken Sword games. Mysterious cults, archaeological secrets, devious puzzles and more await George and Nico as they investigate strange happenings, first in Paris and then around the world.
Strategy games don't get much more involving than this- you control whole species of lifeforms here. Actually Alpha Centuri is still on my "to play" shelf but I have such faith in Sid Meier's game design abilities that I have no hesitation including this game.
Deus Ex is a heady mix of RPG and FPS elements that offers the player great freedom to do their own thing.  Deus Ex Complete contains both  Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisible War.
This is much more my sister's kind of game than mine - I tend to find this sort of thing gets boring after a while - but if you're a fan of building insane rides and trying to keep the punters happy (or getting on their nerves, depending on your game play style), Theme Park Inc. is the game for you.
Unite Japan using both turn-based and real-time strategy skills, then defend it from the invading Mongol hordes led by Kublai Khan. Samurais at the ready in Shogun: Total War!
I loved the original Pirates! back on the Atari ST, and the remake (yes, Sid Meiers again) brings the game up to date, but retains the essential elements that made the original so good.  Among other things, this game adds dancing to the repertoire of pirate skills you need!
Homeworld puts you in charge of a fleet escaping a dying planet and looking for a new home. You have to lead them through many dangers, since of course there are other races in the galaxy... and some of them are distinctly unfriendly in this space RTS.
Pharaoh Gold gives you the chance to walk like an Egyptian - it turns out that being a Pharaoh isn't so easy as you might have thought, what with the Nile river's seasonal changes, enemy tribes, national and local deities to keep happy...

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