Sunday, 29 August 2010

Indie Game Review - Asro Driller 3020

Chronic Logic's game Astro Driller 3020 is an action puzzle game where you have to mine asteroids. You do this by drawing "laser lines" and breaking up asteroids, guiding them to collection pods at the bottom of the screen.  This is trickier than it sounds; firstly because you have to match the right coloured asteroid to the same coloured pod, secondly because there are many things to take into account and several types of asteroid' thirdly because it just gets extremely hectic at times.

There are many levels (planets) in the game, getting progressively tougher as they go and introducing you to new features of the game.  After each level you get an overall rating and may be awarded a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze medal if you did well; you also gain points to spend on upgrades.  Power-ups include having longer laser lines, more powerful lasers, longer-lasting lasers, and other goodies.  By the time you've dealt with the first few sets of easier levels, you're probably going to need all the help you can get...

The graphics are bright, colourful and full of energy - there's always a lot going on onscreen, and plenty of eye candy in the form of whizzy effects.  The music and sound effects too are good quality.

Overall Astro Driller 3020 takes a fairly simple idea and turns it into a very playable and challenging puzzle game.  The interface is well-designed and the game introduces new features and extra challenges at a nice pace.  Any puzzle game fan is going to get a lot of enjoyment from this game, and it's certainly no pushover to complete the game, with levels offering a worthwhile challenge early on, and some truly manic levels later in the game.

My rating is a very solid 8/10.

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