Monday, 4 October 2010

Platform Game Review - Adventures in the Lost Castle

Adventures in the Lost Castle is a 2.5D platform game that revives the spirit of those old 8-bit platform games that wasted so many hours of people’s lives back in the 80’s. Yes Monty Mole, I’m looking at you.

Anyway, what’s all this “2.5D” business, anyway? Well, the graphics in Adventures in the Lost Castle are 3D (quite nicely done, too), but movement is only performed on a 2D plane. The graphics are quite good throughout, and there are some eerily atmospheric sound effects. The game is simple but certainly no pushover – not only the gameplay style but also the difficulty level are reminiscent of the old 8-bit platformers.

As you walk and leap about, there are various traps and obstacles to be overcome, as well as ghostly figures to avoid. Being a warrior it’s possible to use your trusty sword and bow for protection, though they won’t always help you. Bombs can be collected to blow up those awkward walls that just refuse to move out of your way. The levels are large and challenging; you won’t be completing even the first level in a hurry (unless I’m just really bad at the game, which is quite possible – platformers have never been my favourite genre), and the game itself will give you a long-term project to complete. There’s some nice variety in the challenges you face in the game. Collision detection is quite harsh when it comes to enemies; but kind when it comes to you jumping on ledges – you have quite an area of purchase which your character can use to scrabble up the side. So avoiding enemies is key, but your jumps don’t have to be painfully accurate.

The graphics as already mentioned are pretty good, not amazing detailed but colourful and interesting. The main character is well animated though moves just a little too slowly for my liking. The menus are clear and easy to navigate, though again transition from one to another is just a tad on the slow side.

Whether you’ll enjoy Adventures in the Lost Castle really depends on whether you like platform games. As I’m not a great fan of the genre I got some enjoyment from the game but it had a slightly limited appeal to me – I’d personally rate it 6/10, but if you enjoyed Monty Mole and that style of game back in the day, you’d probably give it 7 or even 8 out of 10. For the type of game it is, Adventures in the Lost Castle is a polished production.

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