Monday, 15 November 2010

First Thoughts - Murder on the Orient Express

Hmm... after a quick look at this, I can't say I'm impressed much. The graphics are nice and the music is good; Poirot himself is voiced very well, but the player character has a very strange way of saying things (which isn't really explained by her character being French but schooled in England). At any rate it seems more like an animated movie than a game so far, long cut scenes with very little interaction, but worse the first set of puzzles and situations are annoying and nonsensical.

Since I haven't yet got into the real body of the game, I'm hoping for a significant improvement...

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Jonathon Wisnoski said...

Have you played any of the other Agatha Cristie games?

I find in general that Poirot just spends too much of his time talking to witnesses/suspects and that bored me in the games, movies, and books.

Not nearly as interesting as Sherlock Holmes investigation method.

CaptainD said...

The only other one I've played is "And Then There Were None", which was okay - good points and bad points.

I've never liked Poirot anyway!

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