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The Mighty Guardians of Kawak’s Tomb - Forthcoming Runes of Magic update unlocks a new dungeon

The Mighty Guardians of Kawak’s Tomb
- Forthcoming Runes of Magic update unlocks a new dungeon -

Berlin, 11th November 2010: A new region, the Limo Desert, will be accessible to players with the release of Patch 3.0.6 of the online role-playing game, Runes of Magic. Brave adventurers will be able to test their resolve against five powerful guardians in ‘Kawak’s Tomb’ the jealously guarded resting place of the celebrated hero, Kawak Grollfang.

An ancient legend tells of Kawak Grollfang, former leader of the Iron Teeth, a barbarous tribe of canine people. During the Great Banishment, Kawak lured his enemies into a deadly trap and in doing so sacrificed himself for the benefit of his people. To keep the glorious memory of their brave leader alive, the Iron Teeth encased his remains in a golden sarcophagus, which has become an important tribal symbol. As a further homage to their revered leader, they constructed a pyramid-shaped burial chamber, and by carefully channelling runic power, talented craftsmen created mighty guardians to watch over Kawak’s golden sarcophagus protecting it from robbers and other enemies of the tribe.

In the bowels of the pyramid lies a mystical subterranean dungeon designed for group play. The first obstacle to overcome is General Guzala Grollfang, a descendent of the legendary leader. Then, on their way to the golden sarcophagus, players must confront two mechanical guardians powered by rare runes, as well as a giant scarab. But these aren’t the only dangers lurking in the depths – many of the rooms have been equipped with deadly traps which can only be navigated through teamwork and skill. In the final chamber awaits the biggest challenge of all – a giant Anubis who personally guards Kawak’s golden sarcophagus and attacks all who dare to cross his path. Who will succeed in defeating him and bringing the mysteries of the legendary treasures he protects into the light of day?

For more information on the new region and Runes of Magic, visit the official website:

Runes of Magic - The Mighty Guardians of Kawak’s Tomb - Screenshots:

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MsCFaith said...

Is it me or are the graphics better than the last Runes of Magic?

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Gratis101 said...

Thanks for the posts, you've always provided good info and this is no exception.

CaptainD said...

Thanks both for your comments!

The GFX do seem to be getting better all the time with this game.

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