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Lucent Heart, the award-winning zodiac-inspired online MMO adventure from leading online publisher Gamania, will be available for an exclusive ‘sneak peek’ beta test this month via the beanfun! gaming portal.

beanfun! is Gamania’s localised gaming portal, individual for each market, which will over the coming months host Gamania’s hit online games. beanfun! is currently gearing up for the publisher’s first game within the UK market – Lucent Heart – the zodiac-inspired MMO adventure.

The ‘sneak peek’ beta test will take place on 18 March and will continue for 3 days.  By simply downloading the Lucent Heart client from http://en.beanfun.com, players will be able to explore, fight, trade and experience the unique world of Acadia and be amongst the first in Europe to get to grips with the game.

Niall Callaghan, Product Manager for Gamania UK said, “beanfun! is the centre of the Gamania gaming experience. We will be launching games which we believe players in the UK and Europe will see as innovative and exciting. Our first game, Lucent Heart, is readying itself for launch this summer and the ‘sneak peek’ beta test is just our first step. beanfun! across the world has become a friendly and social community, people playing games together and sharing ideas – we think players in the UK and Europe will really enjoy the time they spend on the portal – starting with Lucent Heart!”

Social interaction and community are the key ingredients to any Gamania game, and Gamania is offering some creative direction for the players’ Lucent Heart adventures which they can share and enjoy. Gamania UK is unveiling it’s Lucent Heart caption competition on Facebook. Intrigued players just need to ‘like’ the page and add a snappy caption to a Lucent Heart screenshot; participants will receive beta keys and in-game rewards for the ‘sneak peek’ test! Go to www.facebook.com/lucentheartuk and get creative!

Niall concludes, “Lucent Heart is rich with unbelieveable depth and tone. We’re looking forward to seeing the competition results and players in-game for the ‘sneak peek’. But it’s not just about the game, it is the players too and as it’s early days for Gamania in the UK and Europe, we really want to know what our players want from our games. It’s our job to give players the experience they want and keep them coming back for more”.

To keep up to date on Lucent Heart UK and get early access to the game, follow us on www.twitter.com/lucentheartuk and www.facebook.com/lucentheartuk!

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