Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fascinating and Weird...

PC Gamer's list of most anticipated games due for release in 2012 (curiously entitled "The Best Games of 2012") includes The Journey of Iesir. Not that such a mention is not flattering to those of us working on the game, but highly strange nonetheless - they have the release date listed as 2012 (something none of us have ever stated, beyond it being a hoped-for outcome!) and the publisher listed as "Big Blue Cup".  Anyone involved in the AGS community will know that this is not actually a publisher, but rather the name of the domain the AGS forums are hosted on.

So, nice to get a mention, but it does rather cast doubt on the authenticity of some of the other information in that article?!?

Still, it would be nice if we could both get a publisher and get Journey of Iesir released sometime this year.  (In fact, it wouldn't be "nice" - it would be amazing!!)

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