Sunday, 22 April 2012

CaptainD interviews the Hitbox Team (creators of Dustforce)

I interviewed Hitbox Team about their game, Dustforce. The questions were answered by Woodley Nye, the artist, and Lexie Dostal, the lead programmer.

1/ So, Dustforce... designed by someone with OCD and a thing about cleanliness?
       Woodley: Actually none of us are particularly neat! I like the concept of cleaning more than the practice T_T

2/ How long did it take to develop Dustforce, from initial concept to finished game?
       Woodley: We worked on the prototype of the game for about 4 months, and then spent the next year and a half finishing the version you see on steam.

3/ Did the game end up how it was originally envisaged?  Where there any surprises along the way in development that led to changes being made?
       Woodley: There were absolutely surprises along the way. There was originally a massive, seamless "campaign" style world that we ended up scrapping in lieu of the hub-world approach. Pretty much everything about the mechanics of the game are the result of iteration and tweaking, so there was bound to be a difference between the initial concept and the finished product. I still think we achieved the sensation of being acrobatic and flowing through a level though!

4/ Is there anything that the dev team are particularly proud of - in terms of how the game ended up, or in terms of a particular challenge being overcome during the game development process?
     Lexie:  We actually proud to just finish the game, which is quite an accomplishment in our eyes.  

5/ Are the offices you work in completely dust-free?  (Sorry, had to ask!)
       Woodley: We made a 3d-print of Dustman and at night he comes alive and gets a double-S on our office.

6/ Just how important is it to an indie dev to get their game on Steam?
       Lexie:  Its valuable because of the high volume of users on the platform, but not necessary. Steam markets you game to a large user base and makes it easier to discover your game.   There have been many developers who have been successful without Steam, but overall increases your chances.  

7/ What are the future plans of the Hit Box Team - a sequel to Dustforce / something completely different?
       Woodley: All of us are really ready to start on something different. We all want to work in 3D, so we'll probably start by prototyping a bunch of ideas and then diving into another long development cycle on our favorite one.

8/ Any advice you can give to other indie game developers?
       Woodley: Make small things first! Diving into your "dream game" is a surefire way to disappoint yourself.

Thanks Woodley and Lexie for taking the time out to answer my questions.

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