Friday, 27 July 2012

From Atlantis to Mars: The Collector’s Edition of Eternal Journey: New Atlantis – Out On PC Today

July, 2012 Journey to the farthest depths of the Atlantic Ocean to accompany archaeologist Amrite Stone as she solves the ancient mystery of Atlantis and then winds up on Mars. In Eternal Journey: New Atlantis, CE, this week’s out-of-this-world hidden object adventure, brought to you by Alawar Entertainment, explore the ruins of the fabled lost city and an intergalactic entity otherwise known as Mars, as you try to piece together how a civilization was lost.

Waking up from a profound slumber following an unspeakable tragedy, Amrite Stone finds herself on Mars, 150 years into the future – alone. What turn of events led her to this newfound solitude, so far from anything that she knows? Encounter a plethora of colorful characters such as an outlandishly petrifying alien and a lonesome cat while you help Ms. Stone to uncover the truth. Make sure to pay attention to the details in this epic sci-fi journey and you just may discover what really happened to Atlantis.

With 100 locations to explore and over 200 objects to find, the Collector’s Edition of Eternal Journey: New Atlantis will have you so engrossed that you just might forget to take the dog for a walk, or even the time of day. The stunning graphics and the shrewd puzzles will keep you guessing until the very end. From Atlantis to Mars, this is one voyage that is not to be missed!

Key features:
  • 35 mini-games to beat
  • 100 locations to explore
  • Over 200 hidden objects
  • 13 hidden object scenes
  • 25 animated cinematics

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