Monday, 4 February 2013

Retro Army announces Medal Wars™ : Keisers Revenge new version

Edinburgh, Scotland -- February 4th, 2013 -- Retro Army announces a new version of Medal Wars™ : Keisers Revenge v1.1, is now available for download from our website. This version includes an improved control scheme as well as additional content requested by players and reviewers. We are continuing to improve our products and all feedback is more than welcome. 

Medal Wars™ : Keisers Revenge, is an isometric shooter with comedy elements from edinburgh based developer Retro Army. 

Game Features: 
- Perform headshots and footshots with the unique targetting system. 
- Four huge open areas to explore. 
- Sixteen challenging missions to cut your teeth on. 
- Hours and hours of gameplay. 
- Easy to pick-up and play. 
- Quick to download and install, DRM free. 

For more information, visit 

About Retro Army 

Retro Army is a new developer of PC games, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our primary mission is to provide fun titles that serve our customers needs. Our secondary mission is to hire young people looking for a start in the games industry, and to train them within a fair/creative environment. 

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