Friday, 26 February 2016

BSG78 - Unexpected at the Rising Star

Any original Battlestar Galactic fans out there?  This one's for you!

Currently in production by AGS member Cassiebsg: 

"Based in the original TV series Battlestar Galactica from 78/79, comes this short story where you control Starbuck who will soon fly a solo mission to test a new viper and has a reward, he got "dinner" for 2 in the luxurious liner Rising Star. After Athena declines the invite due to her being on duty, Starbuck not one to eat alone and miss opportunities, invites Cassiopeia who accepts. You take control of Starbuck as he just got a private room for him and Cassiopeia unsuspecting that Athena is on her way to surprise him, after being relieved of duty... can you be cunning enough to not be caught dating 2 girls at once? "

Keep tabs on the In Production Thread at the AGS Forums.

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