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AGS Awards 2015 - Eligible Games List

These are all the games eligible for the AGS Awards 2015 - and in bold afterwards what I did for any games I was involved in.  

Games released in 2015:

2034: A.C. (After Canada) II [Bake Sale 2] (by Ponch)
A Homie Adventure (by Sidney Sacchi)
A Landlord's Dream (by LostTrainDude) - Ideas, SFX, Voice Acting

A night in Berry (by Creamy)
A Night That Wouldn't End (by LostTrainDude)
A Nightmare on Duckburg (by janleht)
Able Mabel gets a Job (by ReVenture Games)
AGS Awards: Backstage Pass (by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle))
All Gone Soon (by vertigoaddict)
All Gone Soon 2 (by vertigoaddict)
All The Way Down (by Calin Leafshade)
Alum (by bangerang101)
An Anxious Awakening (by Reis Mahnic)
Aractaur (by Calico Reverie)
Before the Dark Crystal 2 (by Marion)
Beyond Eternity episode 1 (by Brent Eakin) - Voice Acting
Beyond Horizon (by slasher)
Bitstream (by Chicky)
blind to siberia (by Calico Reverie)
Blue Lobe Inc. (by vanwijst) - Voice Acting
BONE (by Don't Look at Me)
Camp 1 (by stillinthe90s)
Case Noir (by Two Tales)
CATapault (by actualwiazrd)
Cauchemarionto (by vladeK)
CGA games screensaver (by Arj0n)
CGA: Christmas Game Arcade (by abstauber)
Chongo's China Adventure (by HAL)
Christmas Hunt (by Dikshita)
Cold Hand Reef, The [MAGS] (by WHAM)
Cornelius Cat in: The Uncontrollable Pest (by cat)
DarkForce: Peace among nations... (by slasher)
Dexter Morning Routine (by Anas Abdin)
Dislocation (by Team Dislocation)
Dustbowl (by The Pompous Pixel)
Easter Encounter (by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle))
Echoes of the Past (by Anne Hemenway )
Fanbots [MAGS June 2015] (by LostTrainDude) - Story ideas, SINGING (+ voice acting in the deluxe version)
Faye King: Jungle Jeopardy (by Two Tales)
Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception (by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle))
Flophouse Hijinks (Deluxe Edition) (by MiteWiseacreLives!, Kconan and Ponch - AKA Team Party Wagon)
Foundations (by Matt Frith)
Frank Further: The Further Adventures of Stanley (by Styop Quoons (MUFFINinc))
Freak Chic (by Atavismus, Yo Riso, Marion)
Fridge Follies (by Baron)
Generation Fun (by slasher)
Hawk Eye Quandaries (by ReVenture Games)
HENdRIX' Island (by Grok)
Hjarta (by SeamanNaranja)
IAMJASON (by Calico Reverie)
Interstellar Borders (by Reis Mahnic)
Jacqueline White; Bad Trouble in the Red Desert (by Grok, HandsFree)
Late Last Nite (by No More For Today Productions)
Let's Cook: with Koala (by slasher) - Testing
Limbo the Adventure Game (by ManicMatt)
Linn the Protector and the Seven Daughters of Ran (by Grok)
LUCID LUCY (by kalinascope)
Lydia and the Mystery of Nellreno Manor (by DBoyWheeler)
Matilda and the Curse of King Stephen (by Grok)
Mess Goblins (by Dropped Monocle Games)
MONSTER WANTS IN (by Ross Kevin Moffat AKA Mandle)
Ms Pingu (by Stromvin)
NOSTALGIK ( demo release 0.1 ) (by MUFASA RKG / Bucket Fresh Studios)
NTGTFOI - The Game (by Nick Barnard)
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Terror of the Ice Princess (by MiteWiseacreLives! & Team Party Wagon)
Oh, Its Christmas (by Naughty Shinobi)
Ouroboros: The Sacrifice (by James "Firgof" Woodall)
Pendek (by shaun9991)
Pompadour Pete: On The Road To Goblin Keep (by Danny Noe)
Power Nap (by Stupot)
Providence (by SeamanNaranja)
Reality on the Norm: Reality Check 4 DEMO (Cancelled) (by Oldschool_Wolf)
Reality-on-the-Norm: Cold Storage (by Renegade Implementor)
Reality-on-the-Norm: Stuck at Home (by Renegade Implementor)
ripper jack (by berika)
Road of Destiny (by Manif Games)
Robot City Police Department (by TGames)
Rogue State (by KodiakBehr)
Scenario 5B (by Hobo)
Scylla & Charybdis: A Grecian Ship From Olympus U (by Eggie)
Shadow Wars [DEMO] (by Midian Design)
Sleuth (by Toimia)
Somnamulizer: A Tale From Olympus U (by Alex Whitington)
Song Animals (by Emont)
Space Bird Missile Cats (by HAL)
Spot The Difference (by CaptainD)
Star Trek: Back to the Mansion (by Quintax Games)
Stargate SGC (by Hanakin)
Stargate Solitaire (by Hanakin)
Sunrise Paradise (by Cuiki & Ultra Magnus)
Tactician: Civil War (by Atelier)
Tales from the Eureka Cluster : The Abtyon Case (by Tech Troupe)
Technobabylon (by Technocrat & Wadjet Eye Games)
The Charnel House Trilogy (by Owl Cave)
The Condemned (by slasher)
The Decorcist (by RetroJay)
The disgraced prince (by Blondbraid)
The Furthest Station (by springthoughts)
The Hobbit: Rise of the Dragon King (by slasher)
The Jimi Hendrix Case (by Gurok)
The Knobbly Crook:Chapter I - The Horse You Sailed In On (by Ethan James Petty)
The Lone Planet (by CNC_Acolythe)
The Man That Only I Can See (by Nathan Hamley)
The Surprisingly Short Adventure of Leopold Kettle (by Matt Frith)
The Terrible Old Man (by shaun9991)
The Unprintable MAGENTA (by Fitz)
The viking guardsman (by Blondbraid)
The Visitor 3 (by NickyNyce)
The White Canvas (by Akkad Estudios)
There (by springthoughts)
Throw Me In The River (by Reis Mahnic)
Tomb Hunter: Ramitupem (by slasher)
Troll Song Verse One - Completely Stoned (by CaptainD) - Story, Game Design, SFX, Voice Acting
Tv Quest (by Cutblade)
WarpTile (by Marco Becker (Stromvin))
White is more DEAD - Episode I (by Ludovic C. (aka chefgeorges))
Wrecked (by visionmind)
Wrong Channel (by Calico Reverie)
You rock, Topus! (by Billbis)
Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure (by Twarda / Crash Arts)

Once you've played at least some of the games, head over to the Nominations Page.

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