Tuesday, 7 February 2017

AGS Game of the Month for February 2017 - Rabbit Hill

"If you like games filled with mystery and horror you should give Rabbit Hill a try. Photographic backgrounds and a creepy soundscape provide a tense atmosphere. The story unfolds piece by piece with a nice mixture of exploration and classic adventure game puzzles."


A couple bored of the same summer drive to visit their family, decide to take a detour through the countryside where they are involved in an unfortunate accident. While walking to find help, they stumble upon Rabbit hill. A small fictional hamlet located deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside in England. 

A slow paced, atmospheric horror game. 


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Methio lusi said...

I've been looking around at some gaming communities, ideally with tournament style play. Can anyone recommend a good one?

Was considering blake games (blakegames.com) as the game selection looks good. Has anyone played here, if so how is the community in terms of fair play and cheating prevention? One thing I can't stand...
Any other ones you guys know of?

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